Bitcoin or UToken MLM Company Makes For Best Business Opportunity?

UFUN UTOKEN’s promises to be the future of international trading networks with connecting the world via the internet and global commerce. But many of our visitors of Tanapa wonder how is it as a worldwide business opportunity? One of the greatest assets in this opportunity is networking and being able to pay fast, easy, and internationally. Networking is always one of the best assets anyone in business can have and the ability to work with a ‘action-drive’ team can dramatically increase your chances for success with uFUN and uTOKEN.

What are Bitcoin Digital Currencies?

bitcoin mlm digital currencyTo be respected by peers in the business world involves confidence and creativity that helps two people leverage each other’s skillsets, existing networks and other ideas about building an online business or work from home deals. uFUN, a globally international trade exchange network, has started out with the vision of doing this the right way (finally).

uToken’s Lucky Timing

Often the thing that helps for network marketing is first off Luck – any effective networking needs a person who is passion to convert Luck into being a super networker. Consistency is the other discipline that is important. This is where we believe uToken has created a brand new space in the digital currency world and uFun is leading the charge by doing and laying the foundation right.

Habits to adopt

In order to make utoken and ufun work for you the properly, there are several habits that need to be adopted to be a great networker and allow this worldwide business opportunity to be a good fit for you:

Future plans

UFUN plans to be the largest e-commerce platform with very competitive prices from the market prices and lower prices than from website prices together with a discount of 5 points which will be earned from the bitcoin investment packages.

Primary function

The primary function of UFUN in the market is to introduce buyers and sellers into the UBARTER AND UFUN STORE markets by using UTOKEN as the digital currency to exchange property and services. With each transaction UFUN charges 10 percent fee for administration from the proprietor.

  • The new mlm company UFUN makes a percent as a fee when any new member joins
  • UFUN takes a 10 percent commission when a member withdraws
  • When UTOKENs are transmitted, UFUN gets a commission of 1 percent
  • The UTOKEN value will not fall because of this, it will continually raise. This is due to members not allowed to sell below counter price
  • 30 percent of the extractions are usually re-purchased into UTOKENS. These steps stop anyone from crashing UTOKEN

UFUN Commissions

UFUN makes commissions from the transactions in the UFUN store or any UBARTERTRADES and there are other security measures in place to stop the worse from happening. This proves that UFUN is a well thought out, well strategically planned out organization. UFUN made approximately 50 millionaires in its first year.

Why is Bitcoin and uToken so special?

Now you are probably wondering what makes UTOKEN so special? This is the first digital currency with a currency deposit at the World Bank. This new generation of digital currency is already in international markets successfully running businesses in several countries.

Where is Bitcoin & Utoken Accepted?

Today, UTOKEN is widely used in the UFUNSTORE and acting as the medium of barter for exchange in UBARTERTRADE which is a barter-trade platform where a wide variety of goods and services are traded globally. There are also many other places to get all the information that you need especially if you are considering getting an investment package.

Bitcoins vs UTOKENS

There is also another digital currency Bitcoins but the difference is that Bitcoins are not backed by a deposit at the World Bank. This has led many people to shy away from interest in the Bitcoin market. This difference could lead many more people to invest in UFUN and UTOKEN, and will be interesting to see how UFUN and UTOKEN develops in this current market with money in the World Bank to back it up.

Also is this a trend – can we be seeing more digital currencies used on the internet around the world? It is looking as if there will be more as so much of our business is being conducted over the internet and people are wanting simplified ways of connecting and communicating with their respected products, services, and opportunities.

uFUN is trying to change the global outreach and payment system by introducing a stable digital currency, uToken.

Stay tuned for more information as we share how this business opportunity and worldwide demand could make for a very entertaining future in 2015 and beyond.

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- January 26, 2015

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