Is Athletic Greens A Premium Superfood Supplement ?

Athletic greens, the superfood powder, was created with input from doctors, nutritionists, and ten years of scientific research. This powder transforms into a protein shake when mixed with your favorite beverage. As a result, it is perfect for anyone that needs extra fruits and veggies or is following a special diet such as Paleo, Vegan, or auto-immune. If you’re looking just to drop a few pounds, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of this powder.

Why Should You Be Taking Athletic Greens?

You’re probably wondering if Athletic Greens is right for you? The great thing about this powder is that it’s perfect for anyone. It’s 100% organic and will have a positive impact on your body and overall health. In addition to cleansing and energizing your body, it also contains anti-oxidants, immune building properties, and an herbal panel that you will recognize and respect.

Athletic Greens Superfood Ingredients And Benefits

Athletic_greensLots of products advertise themselves as including superfood ingredients but don’t tell you what the ingredients are. That isn’t true with this formula. In total, you will get about 8.5 grams of superfoods with each serving, a heaping teaspoon. Superfood ingredients used include fruits, veggies, algae, grasses, spinach, carrot, and alfalfa. Additionally, the product uses bilberry, beets, and papaya, which are hard to find in most products in this category.

One of the biggest reasons to use this powder is the fact that it will help boost your overall nutritional health. The formula used allows your body to absorb nutrients better while naturally increasing your body’s alkalinity. When this happens, your body will improve its gut and digestive health. The digestive enzymes are paired with pro and prebiotics to aid in caloric utilization while keeping up with the needs of very active people. All of these Athletics Greens benefits are provided without using any allergens, artificial ingredients, GMOs, lactose, dextrose, or sucrose.

Taste and Quality Is Important, How Good Is It?

If you’ve never consumed a protein drink, you may think a beverage made with Athletic Greens supplement tastes pungent. It’s important to remember the taste of the shake largely depends on what you mix it with. Most people choose to mix the powder with water, milk, or juice. If you don’t like the taste of the drink you created, you should try mixing it with something else until you find a taste you like. Many people who have used this product explain it as having a “green” taste. Further investigation means this is an earthy, grassy, somewhat swampy taste. Thankfully, there is also a hint of chocolate to give it a naturally sweet taste and help it go down smoothly.

When you decide to add Athletics Greens to your daily regimen, you are on your way to living a healthier, more organic lifestyle. Better yet, you can save time and money by getting everything you want and need in one supplement. Once mixed, the supplement is portable and can accompany you while you do errands or commute to work. With all of the benefits of Athletic Greens, there really isn’t a reason not to take it.

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- March 6, 2016

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