Abundance OF Diatomaceous Earth At Tanapa Park

Diatom-foodDiatomaceous Earth is commonly abbreviated as DE. It is a highly remarkable natural product and is made from the small-fossilized remains of water plants called diatoms. Diatoms are single-celled plants and they are the primary food source for the marine life.

This product is very unique since it has a cylindrical shape and contains a negative ionic charge. DE is made up of approximately 19% calcium, 33% silicon, 3% magnesium, 5% sodium, 2% iron and many other trace metals such as boron, manganese, titanium, zirconium and copper.

Diatomaceous earth is everywhere in the Tanapa park as this silicious compound makes over 70% of the earth.

Diatomaceous earth benefits are very many and very crucial.

Known Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Diatomaceous earth is known for multiple health benefits, that has been discover thus far.

Helps to lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

Many people suffering from high blood pressure are advised to use this product. This is because it is reported that it has the ability to lower blood pressure levels. It also helps in lowering the high levels of cholesterol in bodies according to the consumers of it. Most people who use it usually report 40 to 60 points lower just after using it for only two weeks.

Improves Lung And Heart Health

It contains silica that is good in hindering effects of coronary diseases by simply fortifying the blood vessels. Silica disappears from the aorta with age and this leads to greater cardiac risks. You can prevent this by taking DE since it lowers the cholesterol levels by keeping arteries and veins supple and removing plaque. DE also helps in regulation of blood pressure. Silica aids in the maintenance and repair of the vital lung tissues as well as defends them from pollution.
Stops skin from sagging and premature wrinkling

It is very good in supporting connective tissues and bones. Human body requires healthy connective tissues for both internal organs and skin. However, wrinkles appear with age and the skin starts to sag. This can be prevented by using DE.

Tissue degeneration

This accelerates as one becomes older. It is when the connective tissues develop a higher inability to retain the moisture if left unassisted. Silica is very effective in slowing down the degenerative process of the connective tissue. This is because it helps to naturally maintain or even restore your skin. Silica also assists with the skin injuries and problems such as rashes, boils, itching, acne, warts, burns and many others. Your skin will always look young if you follow a silica regimen. This supplementation program works greatly than other products used to maintain a longer lasting and healthier collagen.

Diatomaceous Earth For Better teeth and gums?

It is good in preventing cavities as well as preserving teeth as it hardens the enamel. It also prevents gum atrophy, bleeding gum and recession which causes loosening of teeth that may even lead to tooth loss. Generally, it fights ulceration and decay of teeth and bones and also lessens inflammation.

DE is known to have many uses. It can be used as deodorant, toothpaste, facial scrub and mask, supports production of collagen, nourishes hair, strengthens nails, support healthy cholesterol levels, food storage and many others.

In conclusion, diatomaceous earth is a very crucial natural product in one’s life. You can start using it and surely you will enjoy the above health benefits.

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- July 16, 2015

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